Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Pixelhobby Klassik (Mini) und Pixelhobby XL (Midi)?

You have probably already noticed that we are talking about Pixelhobby XL (Midi) and Pixelhobby Classic (Mini) on our website. This can be very irritating for someone new to the hobby.

Pixelhobby Classic (Mini) is the original stone variant with which Pixelhobby started to design the first pictures more than 10 years ago. But we don't want to tell you the story in this post, we'll do that in another.

Pixelhobby Classic (Mini) consists of stones that are 2 x 2 mm in size. Each stone fits on a single pin of a base plate. Just like here:

The Pixelhobby XL (Midi) bricks are twice as big, namely 4 x 4 mm and always fit over 4 pins (2x2 pins) at the same time.

However, there are other differences. With Pixelhobby Classic (Mini) we have 314 colors with Pixelhobby XL (Midi) only 37 colors.

That's why you can tell the XL stones apart much better when you take them off again. They work in a similar way to the fuse beads. You can also put them on and take them off again and you can always tell what color is which. The advantage of Pixelhobby is that the stones don't just fall down again if you accidentally hit the plate. This is especially positive for smaller children, because who does not know a child who has just finished their great picture with ironing beads and now someone bumped into it or on the way to the ironing board half of the stones fell down again. This cannot happen at Pixelhobby.

Of course you don't have to remove the XL stones, you can hang the finished work of art on the wall. Even with Pixelhobby classic (mini) stones, it is possible to take them down again if you have hidden yourself. Nevertheless, you can easily get confused with the colors in Pixelhobby Classic (Mini), because with e.g. B. about 30 skin tones, it is difficult to distinguish.

For both variants we have a large number of sets in the shop. In fact, however, there are more images in Pixelhobby Classic (Mini) than in Pixelhobby XL (Midi), simply because there are many more ways to design an image with 314 colors.

And before you ask. Yes, there is the possibility to design your own images , even very easy and free. You can go to the manufacturer's website and use the online app. Here you can design images for any baseplate size, even the medallions.

So and now a small overview of all the information that we have described above.

Pixel hobby classic (mini)

Pixel Hobby XL (Midi)

number of colors




2 x 2mm = 1 pin

4 x 4mm = 4 pins

Can I remove pins again?



Which plates do the colors match?

Medallion = 11 x 14 pins



Small base plate = 24 x 24 pins



Base plate = 40 x 50 pins



Large base plate = 50 x 50 pins



From what age are the pixels suitable?

From 6 years

From 4 years

Is there a starter set with all colors?



If you have any other questions, please send us an e-mail, we will be happy to answer them and maybe your question will become our next blog post.