Wie funktioniert Pixelhobby®?

With PixelHobby® you can create an individual mosaic image from any image or template. The approx. 2 x 2 mm pixels are put onto the base plate with tweezers . The printed plug-in templates are placed under the transparent base plate . Four symbols are identified with color numbers. Using the symbols, the individual pixel brick is attached with the tweezers .

Simply load the desired image into the designer and the program will immediately create a preview of the motif as a 2x2 panel version.

Download PixelHobby Designer Version 2.0 for Windows© (approx. 7 MB) (we accept no liability whatsoever for consequences arising from the installation and use of the program)

You can also use the online designer or send us your picture and we will create a template for you.

You can change the size and color brilliance, highlight particularly important parts as the foreground, and adjust other details.

Complete? Then all you have to do is print out your own template.

Here some examples:


pixel image



pixel image


Once you have printed out the template and the list of materials, you can use the list of materials to order the relevant accessories directly from us.

A notice:
You can also send us your order via the designer (offline version only). Please change the recipient email address to info@pixelhobby-shop.de so that the order comes directly to us and does not arrive in Holland.

Alternatively, you can buy the existing templates in our shop.

Start your new hobby!

You need:

Base Plate - Pixel Squares - Tweezers - Template

And this is how it works: The transparent base plate is placed on the template.

You can see the printed symbols through the base plate . A color is assigned to each symbol. Four colors per template rectangle. The color is also written on the back of the pixel squares , so you always have the right color to hand.

Now you can always pluck off one pixel after the other with the tweezers and stick it on the specified spot on the base plate .

Gradually you put the individual colors completely on a template rectangle. When you have plugged in all four colors, the base plate is picked up and placed on the next template rectangle. To decorate a base plate , several template rectangles are always placed under the transparent base plate . Watch after! Before the base plate is placed on the next template rectangle, check again whether all symbols have been attached.

Important note: A transparent arrow is attached to the back of the base plates . Please make sure that this arrow always points in the same direction, so that the motif is not twisted.

This is how your pixel picture is created!